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Since 1978

Linda Leinweber

I became a licensed cosmetologist in 1976 and opened my salon, Shears To You, in 1981. After a couple of years of trying to help clients cope with styling their thinning hair, I advanced into hair replacement services.  It was very challenging at the time, not only because it was a very personal and private matter that no one discussed out loud, but the hair industry offered very little in the way of hair replacement products.  I started out with a trip to New York to learn how to custom design my own hair pieces by making a mold of the client’s thinning areas, creating a hairpiece from a weft and then sewing it on their head!  Sounds a little primitive doesn’t it?  Well, it sure worked at the time…but time and technology has rewarded me as the stylist by literally changing people’s lives and rewarded our clients by giving their lives back to them!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

We love making you feel great about the way you look!

  • Why you?
    This is probably the most asked question we are faced with – “Why did I lose my hair?” The answer lies within yourself actually! I always tell my clients, “You know your own body better than anyone.” Often you can identify certain circumstances that can trigger hair loss such as other members of your family that have experienced hair loss, illness or medications that have hair loss as a side effect, extreme stress which can result in hair loss, or pre-menopause, menopause or post menopause for women, or if you have been diagnosed with alopecia. You are not alone! Whatever you are going through in your life, we can help you look great and feel normal. I like to have a thorough conversation during our consultation so that I can understand if your hair loss is temporary or permanent.
  • What can you expect during your first consultation?
    During the consultation, I will determine through our conversation your particular problem resulting in your hair loss. I will show you samples of our base material that our systems are made of and the quality of our hair. We will then discuss your new style and your lifestyle so that we can determine the proper attachment method, the care of your new hair, and monthly maintenance at our salon, if necessary. I will then determine if a stock piece can work for you or if we need to order a custom system.
  • How long will it take for me to get my customized wig or hairpiece?
    On average — usually 4-6 weeks for a custom order. I take great care in making sure your expectations are met, so a little time is worth it. Timing may vary today due to our challenging times. All orders require a 50% deposit from our manufacturer.
  • How are you able to match my hair?
    We work with over six different companies that manufacturer different types of hair i.e. different textures, various color tones, companies that are better at making women’s systems or men’s systems and those who may specialize in ethnic hair. Each company has dozens of colors available to match the clients existing thinning hair or if it is not perfect, then we must color the clients hair… the system cannot be colored as a rule.
  • What is the best way to maintain my new wig or hairpiece at home?
    If you have a permanent attachment, you may shower, shampoo, condition, blow-dry and style just as you would with your own natural hair. If you just tape or clip your hair system on, you should shampoo the system off of the head holding it from the front of the system and shampoo lightly and condition. It may then be re-attached and styled as usual. Use styling gels and hair spray sparingly. Don’t over use curling irons or flat irons. NEVER EVER GO TO BED WITH A WET HAIR PIECE!!
  • How often do I need to return to update my permanent attachment?
    Usually 3-5 weeks depending on how oily your scalp is. An oily scalp will shorten the life of the attachment solution. We remove the system, clean it, cut and color your hair if necessary and then reattach the cleansed system.
  • Will I need to replace my new wig or hairpiece?
    That will depend on the specific type of hair piece we order. We can review your specific product during our consultation.

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